Level 1

single session $8 •Monthly eft $24/m

A bed suitable for all tanners, this equipment is user friendly and perfect for beginner tanners or for those wanting to maintain color.

20 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule

Level 2

single session $10 •Monthly eft $34/m

The perfect bed for the tanner in a hurry. This equipment is designed to get guests in and out quickly while helping them build and maintain color.

10 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule

Level 4

single session $20 •Monthly eft $74/m

Our most powerful pieces of equipment offered at our salon. We offer guests the convenience of both Stand-Up and Laydown options. Guests can tan up to 15 minutes in our Laydown bed and includes shoulder, side and facial tanners ensuring optimal coverage. Our Stand-Up booth enables tanners a quicker session, up to 10 minutes, all while ensuring no tan lines!

10-15 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule